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In the Image of My Father

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In the image of my Father

So it has been a while since I have posted a blog.  So here we go again.  I started writing yesterday and it was really good, I mean really good.  Got in this morning and went to finish up and guess what?  I forgot to save it.  So I hope the Lord will give me recall on what I had already written.  I also want to thank those of you have encouraged me on my past posts.  I believe you were being honest when you said it was good and not just being nice.  With that said, here we go.

Some of you know that Mt. Pleasant has started a year long journey through the bible.  We started at the beginning, which is always a great place to start.  We will work our way through the Word for the next 12 months.  It has been refreshing for me as I go back, read, and study the bible.  I have asked God to give me fresh eyes especially on the passages that are familiar.As I was reading the first chapter of Genesis and came to verse 27, I really spent some time thinking about the fact that I am created in the image of God.  Wow!  That sounds great but what does that mean because I know it does not mean physical image.  So after digging a little deeper, I discovered I am made in the image of God physiologically.  (Yes, I looked up that word.)  What that big word means is that God created me to function like Him.  HMM!  God gave us three characteristics that make us like Him. First, God created us with the ability to reason and choose.  This is the image of God’s intellect and free will. Second, God created man in righteousness and perfect innocence.  Now we know that is not the case these days.  You see when sin entered into the world, innocence and righteousness was contaminated.  However, there is a remnant of that in all of us.  That is why,even as children, we know when we are doing something wrong.  Without this moral remnant in men we would have full-blown lawlessness, would not have any laws, and would not be outraged at the evil actions of others.  Finally, God made us to have fellowship with Him and each other.  God revealed this at the very beginning of time.  God looked at Adam and said it is not good for man to be alone.  Adam was new to this thing called life, he didn’t know he was lonely but God did.  Whenever we make a new friend, hug our children, get married, or even attend church, we are a reflection of being made in the image of God.  WOW!!!  This all adds up to the fact that I am very special to God. Because I have been created in His image I need to live up to that image. 

Here is the other side of thatand where Genesis 1:27 reminded me of my earthly father, Hayne Sandifer.  You see God did not just create me in His image; everyone has been created in His image.  Red, yellow, black, and white everyone is precious in His site. He created us all to be like Him.  So not only am I special but so are you, and you, and you and even you, yes you.  So if you are special to God then I should treat you special.  When I meet you for the first time, I must treat you as a dignitary.  When you ask me for help, I should help you as someone of great importance.  When you tell me you don’t believe like I do, I must respect and honor you.  Why?  The reason you are special outweighs the reasons that makes us different.  Each of us has been created by the same creator, whether you believe it or not.  Creation was not a freak accident, the clockmaker precision of our solar system and universe could have only happened with an Omniscient (all knowing) Creator.  I know Him as Father, God, Jehovah,the Great I AM.  Each of us has been created in His image.

I mentioned my earthly father earlier in this post.  Here is why Genesis 1:27 reminds me of my father.  I saw through his actions that he knew that everyone was special and created in the image of God.  What I saw in him was whether he was talking to an old friend, a new acquaintance, a non-believer, really anyone, he treated them with respect and honor.  He would make people feel as though they were the most important person in the world to him.  I never saw him condemn anyone for their sin, however he would encourage them and let them know that God loved them and so did he.  He was genuinely interested in the other person.  I believe this is what God intended for each of us when he chose to create us in His image.  What would this world be like if each of us looked at others red, yellow, black, and white as coming from the same creator for the same purpose?  There might be more peace and less chaos, more love less hatred, more happiness less hunger, more healing less hurting.  My earthly father showed me what our heavenly Father desired when He chose to create us in his own image.  What image of God are we reflecting to the world in which we live?

God created man in His own image.

We are all, every one of us special!




Traci Junkins on September 15, 2017 3:31am

I LOVE this!!! My mom was also someone who always saw good and worth in everyone. I can honestly say I have not always done this. But I have been praying lately that God would help me see people through HIS eyes. Then I will have no reason to be judgemental,only loving. Sometimes it is very hard to see past the hurt from those who have wronged us. But if I am made in my Father's image, (and I am),then He has given me the ability to do that!! Thanks for sharing your heart! And I am loving our journey through the Bible! God bless you!