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The Value of Praying Together

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This new year is going to be one for the record books. I know this because I see the direction our church is headed. We, as the staff of Mt. Pleasant, have been discussing the importance of genuine discipleship and genuine prayer. As a result of these discussions we have decided to place special emphasis on the prayer meeting that takes place each Wednesday night. 

Many may think that prayer meeting is boring and uneventful, but those who attend each week would tell you otherwise. In his book The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson talks about "long and boring prayers," and says that many miracles are the result of these types of prayers. He also says that many of us are not willing to love others in this manner, and we are not willing to go to this extent of spending many hours in boring prayer to see someone else delivered from their personal battles and difficulties in life. I share this because I believe that Wednesday night prayer meeting is accomplishing this very thing. Those who attend these prayer meetings understand that sometimes the only thing that can help someone else is long and boring prayer. No, it doesn't sound entertaining or fun, but it is exactly what we have been called to do. Mt. Pleasant is seeking to be a change-agent in the midst of a community that needs Jesus. We believe this change happens through one person at a time. We believe this change happens through one prayer at a time. 

Susan is a member of Mt. Pleasant and explained why prayer meeting is so important to her. She said, 

I attend prayer meeting because I believe prayer is a privilege that each child of God should practice. I also believe prayer is a responsibility that we should take seriously. But the main reason I pray and attend prayer meeting is because HE IS FAITHFUL! It is not our words or the one praying, it is Who we pray to. 

Our individual prayers are important and often times they are some of the deepest needs and desires of our hearts. We should always have those personal times of prayer where we allow Him to speak to us and meet us in our needs. I also believe He desires His people to come together and pray cooperatively. This is the time we lift our brothers and sisters up in prayer and this prayer is powerful. We can pray on our own for our brothers and sisters, but there is just something about praying together. We have a time that we hear the specific prayer request then we lift them to our Heavenly Father, praying believing and praying His Will be done on earth as in heaven. 

For me, prayer meeting is a vital part of my walk with the Lord! I receive encouragement and strength each week. 

Maybe for you, prayer meeting is what has been missing in your walk with the Lord. Maybe you have been desiring to grow deeper in your prayer life, but you haven't known where to start. Look no further! Prayer meeting is where you should start. It is time to stop overlooking this vital ministry of our church and start diving in to what it really means to pray for and to be prayed for. It is time to start seeing the miracles that God is simply waiting to perform in your life. 

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WHAT?  The preacher is telling us not to read the bible!  Well now that I have gotten your attention, that is not what this post is about.  However it is about not making a New Year’s resolution to read through the Bible in a year.  If you are like me you have made resolutions in past years that might have lasted through January.  When they do not work out I feel like I have failed.  So for me, and maybe for you, resolutions set me up for failure. 

With that said I would like to challenge each of you to join me in reading through the bible this year.  In the last few months I have made a daily attempt to read one Psalm and a chapter in Proverbs.  This daily reading has encouraged me to read even more each day.  It is like a little taste of God’s Word makes me want more.  I have also found that when people approach me with their personal struggles, something I read that day spoke to their issue.  Then I am able to point them to God’s Word rather than to give them “my spiritual opinion”. 

So who will go with me on this adventure this year?  While on this adventure there may be a day when the journey stalls out, but that is not failure.  Sometimes while on my golf adventures (playing golf with me is always an adventure) my shots don’t go where I want them to go.  That doesn’t mean I failed, it just means I get to take another shot to get it to the hole.  The same thing applies to this adventure.  Missing a day of reading does not mean that I have failed or that I cannot pick up where I left off.  Who knows, some days you might find everything falls into place and you catch-up or even surpass the daily reading plan.  So what about it? Will you please go on this adventure?  I think it will be fun, encouraging, and who knows, we might grow to love God and love people more. 

I have chosen one of many paths to read through the Bible in a year.  Here is where the adventure begins.  I want each of us to use the same path and encourage one another along the way.  There are three ways to know the daily reading plan: It will be posted in the bulletin each week, it will be on the monthly newsletter each month, and it will be listed here

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